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In a world of remote working or when the venue capacity simply won’t suffice, we’ve got you covered with Dabbers Bingo Virtual Events.

Whether your team is scattered across multiple locations or participating from the comfort of their screens, Dabbers Bingo ensures that everyone is seamlessly included in the experience.

Our virtual and hybrid events guarantee the full Dabbers experience, whether you’re dabbing in person or behind the screen. Get ready to redefine team engagement and celebrate together, regardless of where your team members are located.

Why Choose Dabbers Bingo for Your Virtual Event?

 Our dedicated team ensures a seamless and engaging experience, from lively hosts to thrilling bingo sessions. Whether it’s team-building or a celebration, we bring the fun and camaraderie directly to your screen.


Virtual Events Offer:

Global Connection

Unite your team across borders with Dabbers Bingo, no matter where they are.


Experience the full Dabbers Bingo thrill from the comfort of your home or chosen location.

Engaging Hosts

Lively hosts ensure a dynamic and entertaining virtual atmosphere.

Live Entertainment

Dive into the excitement of live entertainment, bringing the thrill of Dabbers Bingo to your screen.

Unique Experience

 Immerse in a one-of-a-kind virtual event, blending the joy of bingo with team camaraderie.

Shared Fun

 Whether for team-building or celebrations, Dabbers Bingo Virtual Events promise laughter, fun, and lasting memories, uniting your team in an entertaining adventure.


☑️ bingo machine ☑️ bingo sheets & dabbers ☑️ host ☑️ caller ☑️ DJ ☑️ Shuck Shack ☑️ prizes ☑️ catering ☑️ WIFI ☑️ screens ☑️ AV




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