Dabbers diary beat the summer holiday boredom - Dabbers Social Bingo

Summer break doesn’t have to turn into a summer breakdown! Keep your family entertained with our Family Brunch Bingo, featuring four exciting shows that will keep your kids off their screens and engaged with quality family time.

“I’m bored; what can I do?”

Say goodbye to boredom and hello to a summer filled with laughter, prizes, and non-stop entertainment. Our action-packed Family Brunch Bingo features a lineup of vibrant family-friendly hosts, talented DJs, and thrilling on-stage challenges. No two shows are the same, so we guaranty an unforgettable experience for the whole family, every time.

“You’re no fun!”

No more boring family gatherings – it’s time to bring the excitement! Get ready to laugh till your belly hurts at the kids vs parents on-stage challenges. Parents, prepare to be amazed as your little ones steal the spotlight and show you what they’re made of. And be ready for them to look at you in awe as you entertain the room with your own groovy moves!

“I don’t want to eat that again!”

3 meals a day and 17 million snacks sound familiar? Sit back and relax with a cocktail at Family Bingo and we’ll keep the little ones happy with a deliciously nutritious kids meal. Starting with cucumber and carrot crudités with hummus, followed by ANY main dish from the menu and a mocktail. Plus a little pot of slime to keep them busy. It will be the best £12 you’ve ever spent!


“Came for the family bingo and had such a great time! The staff were so friendly and helpful and made sure that we were comfortable and had what we needed” – Krystal Francis

“I have lived in hackney my entire life and this is exactly what’s been missing. Something for ALL the family (literally). The staff are the ABSOLUTE best. We will be coming back week after week!” – Antonia Lehane

“We have two kids 9 and 3 years old and they both enjoyed it. They had a wonderful 4 hours, away from a screen! Food was delicious and the service was great, with beer delivery to your table. I’d recommend to all families definitely!” – Tuncay Yavuz

Dabbers Social Bingo

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