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Fashion Designer, Cabaret Performer, DJ, Graphic Artist and Bingo Host. Join us as we chat to the multi-talented showbiz sensation, Boogaloo Stu.


1-How was ‘Boogaloo Stu’ created?

I used to run a club night called Dynamite Boogaloo in Brighton. When it started in 1992, it took someone else to point out that Boogaloo rhymed with Stu, I was simply too caught up in my own fabulousness to realise. I was a DJ initially, and then performing gradually took over.


2-We have to talk about your glam-rock look, do you design and make all your costumes?

I do indeed. I up-cycle old 70s lurex gowns into hi-fashion looks. I love the process of figuring out what I can make with the limited amount of fabric I have. And also, I’m all about the details – from the base of my stack heels to the top of the quiff, everything is made by me.

3-You reshaped nightlife with the infamous Shinky Shonky event, transforming a night on the town into an experience. How do you bring that creativity to Dabbers Social Bingo?

For me as a performer, it’s all about positive energy, I like to make a positive connection with my audience. I’m also a potty-mouth. So there will be filth, too – I just can’t help myself.


4-You leave a sprinkling of optimism wherever you go, what inspires you?

I’m inspired by people who hold their nerve and don’t compromise their artistic vision.


5-Did you grow up with a role model who made a positive impact on your life?

I’m not sure I can pick out one role model, but as it is for many people, there were various pop stars and film stars who impacted me hugely when I was in my teens. My taste was not exactly mainstream – I was a fan of Divine, John Waters, Pete Burns, Marilyn (80s singer) and Billy MacKenzie.

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