Dabbers Diary Haydy - Dabbers Social Bingo

To dab means many things to many people. In our case, a Dabber is one of us. Experience the enchantment of bingo through our exclusive interview with fellow Dabber; Haydy.


1.Tell us all about you

Hey, I’m Haydy, 33, and I’m from Upminster (very end of the District Line). I work as a Brand and Content Manager for a logistics company.


2.How many times have you visited Dabbers?

I’m guessing it’s close to 10 now!! It’s even on my list for a possibility for my Hen Do next year, that’s how much I love it!


3.Do you remember your first visit to Dabbers?

Ohhhh this was some time ago, 2019 I think! A friend had come down from Leeds to visit and we did Bingo Voyage. She had mentioned doing something similar up north so I looked for alternatives in London and found Dabbers Social Bingo. Despite not winning the holiday, we had such a great time! I’d also done Musical Bingo back in April 2018, although that wasn’t hosted at Dabbers it meant social bingo was already on my radar!


4.What do you love about Dabbers?

I think it’s the fact that no game is ever the same, even if you book the same event. The hosts change, the other guests change and that really makes such a difference! Even the friends you pick to take along with you makes a difference too! I am a true sucker for a themed event though, so the Emo Bingo (Panic! At The Bingo) is right up my street, we donned our favourite black clothes and eye liner to come along and were delighted to see the host and guests had done the same; it made us really feel part of a community. In fact, every time I’ve been, the people around do feel like a community as they all rally around you during dance offs and any of the tasks you have to do!


5.What’s your fav thing to order?

I’m a Porn Star Martini kinda gal, but I do really enjoy a Zombie every now and again! Then for food it has to be The Big Dipper; what a show that is!! But the burgers are always good and the mushroom tacos are top tier… can you tell I love food?!


6.We often get asked; ‘what should I wear?’. What’s your go-to look?

I’m all about getting up and throwing some shapes, so I go for comfort – flat shoes, jeans and a nice top kinda vibe. I do love seeing what everyone wears when I visit as there’s such a variety!


7.What show would you recommend a Dabbers Social Bingo newbie books first?

I think you need to start at the beginning and work up to the bigger themed events, so Jackpot Bingo feels like a logical place to start. Once you’ve got the hang of how crazy social bingo works, then head onto the other events!

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