Dabbers Diary Sophies Birthday Bash - Dabbers Social Bingo

Sophie spills the tea on her 20th birthday bash at Dabbers Social Bingo City and what made her party a hit! From the yummy food to the hilarious hosts, the atmosphere was buzzing with good vibes and cool music.


1.Tell us all about you

Hey, I’m Sophie Kelsell – a London-based full-time student and my birthday is on October 24th.


2.What were your birthday party plans?

My 20th birthday bash was amazing as I shared it with my BFF Alice, and we were joined by our friends Scarlett and Evie. We kicked off the party with bingo at Dabbers Social Bingo, which was decorated ready for Halloween. Like all good night outs we then headed to Spoons and McDonald’s.


3.Most importantly, what did you wear?

As a group we love to get dressed up and this occasion was no exception. I wore low waist flared jeans and a long sleeve mesh 70’s inspired top.


4.Why did you choose Dabbers Social Bingo?


We knew we wanted to go to a fun bingo place for our birthday and Dabbers Social Bingo has amazing reviews. I also checked out Instagram and saw the photos looked really good, so we knew it would guarantee a good time. Dabbers Social Bingo is also relatively local to where I live and easy for my friends to get to, so that was a big bonus.


5.What did you love about having your birthday party at Dabbers?

The atmosphere was so fun, the hosts were hilarious, music was on point, and we even got a birthday shoutout! Couldn’t have asked for a better time!


6.What are your top three tips to birthday gals/guys planning their party at Dabbers?

Let your hair down and laugh at the hilarious cringe jokes. And be ready to join in with Disco Balls and being called onto stage if you get BINGO! And whatever you do, don’t miss a single number when they’re called for a chance to win!

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