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A bingo host is in charge of ensuring players have a fab experience by effectively keeping the pace of the game, engaging with players and creating a bangin’ atmosphere.  Although it looks effortless to you and me, there are certain traits that all successful bingo hosts have. Keep reading as we find out more from hosting pro, Sikisa.


1. What top three characteristics does a bingo host need to have?

Energy, charisma and stage persona – bingo is all about crowd control!


2. What’s the best thing about being a bingo host? 

Being able to have fun and meeting new people. The show is always a party and a great way to just celebrate your best life.


3. What’s one thing that would surprise us about being a bingo host?

How hard it is to host a bingo show – people think it’s easy but when you have 80 people who are out to party and drink, having to control them can be a struggle. Or you may have a corporate show where you need to make sure they know it’s okay to have a good time and dance in front of their colleagues.


4. How do you build excitement throughout the game?

I am all about energy – so the party will always be lit when I am running the show. There’s got to be banter, make sure everyone knows the party is on and that it will be the best night of their lives.


5. As a top Comedian and Immigration Lawyer you must have lots of experience of standing in front of an audience. What tips would you give to any newcomers to the hosting world?

Act like you are having the time of your lives. Sometimes you have to fake it to make it.

6. How do you bring a room of strangers together and create a community environment?

I think after the pandemic, the audience knows that we need to take each day as it comes so when you are at a Dabbers Social Bingo show with me, we are going to have a good night that they will never forget – along with some drinks, dancing and prizes.


7. What do you do if you have a shy audience who aren’t very responsive?

I’m not going to lie – if I see someone who is shy a shot will wake them up always!


8. We have a community of returning Dabbers, how do you spice up your hosting to keep things exciting?

No show is ever the same – there will always be different audiences, different prizes, and different games. Also I always have a costume change which keeps things exciting.


9. What do you recommend future bingo hosts do to stand out?

Be unique and bring some energy to the stage. Dabbers Social Bingo is colourful and wild and always a great journey.

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