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5 reasons gift vouchers

make the best christmas gift

Forget everything you thought you knew about gift cards and say hello to the best Christmas gift of 2023!


Whether you’re shopping for a hard-to-buy-for friend, or a family member who seems to have everything. A gift voucher is a thoughtful, convenient and surprisingly unique present.


So if you’re not already sold on the idea, check out these 5 amazing reasons that will have you clicking ‘buy now’…

1.It’s easy for you!

Let’s not dilly dally, a huge positive of buying a gift voucher is that it’s convenient! Let’s make this the Christmas where we shop smarter, not harder! Buy them hassle-free from your home, and decide whether to email or personally wrap and present them. No more stress for all you last-minute shoppers out there!


2.Stay on budget

‘Tis the season to be savvy, for it is the merriest (and most expensive) time of the year! Instead of accidentally splurging on lots of little presents, opt for one gift voucher and stick to your budget. It’s the ultimate win-win – they can let their inner Santa go wild and book the Dabbers Social Bingo show they want to go to, and treat themselves to food and drink in the venue, and you stay within your budget.

3.You’re gifting memories

For those who seem to have everything, gifting an experience is often the best way to warm their heart at Christmas. And what’s better than a trip to Dabbers Social Bingo to look forward to. Whether it’s for bottomless brunch on a Saturday, a social after-work on Thursday or cocktails in the bar you’ll be making memories together.


4.You’re gifting time

Don’t let the holiday rush leave you feeling like you’ve missed out on quality time with loved ones. Our amazing gift vouchers not only let you surprise your special someone, but they also extend the festive cheer well into the new year! With a whole year of validity, these vouchers ensure you can plan the perfect get-together that suits everyone’s schedule.

5.You’re supporting small businesses

At the heart of Dabbers Social Bingo is YOU, the life and soul of our bingo halls. And Christmas is the perfect time to spread the festive cheer and grow our thriving community. So, join us in celebrating the magic of the season and make this holiday unforgettable by shopping small!

Buy our gift vouchers now and make the most of this joyful season, even after the tinsel comes down!

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