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About Dabbers

Your nan’s fav game just had a full-blown boozy glow up. Cheeky calls, disco balls, big laughs and plenty of prizes are all on the menu at bingo’s most eclectic, inclusive and entertaining show in town!


With a variety of showstopping bingo events and hilarious hosts with a comedy, performance and drag background – we’ve got your social calendar sorted.


We’re open every week and boast incredible line ups featuring the best comedians, performers and musicians in the country.
Expect huge prizes, delicious dining and a one off custom built ball machine that must be seen to be believed. Seriously.

You’re invited to join us in a world of play, where friendly faces are ready to take you under their bingo wings for a morning, afternoon or night of fun. From custom cocktails and tasty food served by our friendly staff, to the sumptuous sound system, our enticing prizes, and a production that is certain to excite and delight – expect an experience that you’ll want to tell your friends about.

Our mission is to celebrate community by creating one that’s open to anyone with a dabber pen.

We want to provide perfect value with a full evening’s worth of entertainment and memories that last a lot longer.


There’s a reason bingo has stood the test of time.

Want to get the ball rolling?

Head to Dabbers NOW – Become a Dabber and #MakeYourMark

But what is a dabber?

To dab means many things to many people.

A dabber is an implement you use to mark your bingo cards. But a teenage Fortnite player dabs differently to a former 90s raver, regaling the good old days.

In our case, a Dabber is one of us.

On the fence? You have an open invitation to our club as we bring back the Great British institution that is bingo, so come and see for yourself.

In our fast-paced, digital age, there’s never been a greater need for genuine human interaction and a real-life community. So, discover why bingo has stood the test of time.

Dabbers love fun.


And they can expect unique, amazing experiences and a full night of dynamic entertainment every visit. Find new friends and cherish the old ones with any game.

Dabbers love to try new things.

That’s why we have huge prizes to give away every single day, that will offer opportunities to travel and learn some sweet new skills.

Dabbers expect quality.

We treat people well which is why we pay our staff properly and we don’t charge you booking fees.

We are proud to provide delicious, affordable dining, plus carefully selected cocktails, craft beers and wine.

There are high production values in every show, hand-picked hosts and the biggest names on the comedy circuit performing just for you.

This is not Nana’s bingo.

Dabbers don’t want stress. So, take the hassle out of a night out and come to our one-stop shop.

Dabbers care.

Luckily, they’ll be supporting our charity partnerships and making a real difference anytime they decide to drop in.
This is modern bingo that respects the roots and Dabbers are a welcoming, social bunch.


Make Your Mark

Dabbers Social Bingo

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