Dabbers Diary 10 Halloween Costumes - Dabbers Social Bingo

Get ready for a spooktacular Halloween! We’ve got your back with the ultimate costume guide for 2023.


Get ready to slay the costume game and turn heads with our top 10 celebrity-inspired looks, exclusively for you at Dabbers Social Bingo. From the iconic Marge Simpson to the fabulous Barbie, these easy-to-create costumes will blow everyone’s minds. Raid your wardrobe or hit up the thrift stores for some killer finds this Halloween.


Kim Kardashian as Elle Woods

The Weeknd as The Nutty Professor

Lizzo as Marge Simpson

hayley kiyoko as Squid Game player

Harry Styles as Dorothy

Nina Dobrev as Billie Eilish

Paris Hilton & Carter Reum as FBI

Gigi Hadid as Sandy

Jessica Alba as The Shining Twins

Rebel Wilson & friends as Barbie

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