Getting Kissy with Tizzy - Dabbers Social Bingo

Getting Kissy with Tizzy

Today is a very special day in the Dabbers calendar – It’s Kiss A Ginger Day. Wishing you many happy ginger kisses – within the safety of your support bubbles of course! What better way to mark the occasion than to catch up with our favourite copper-haired caller, Tizzy Von Tassel, for a chin-wag on lip-locking.

Tell us about your first kiss…

My first kiss involved sneaking some Barcadi Breezers at a pool party. It was obviously terrible.

Biggest snogging put off.

Face licking is not the one. Save it for a lollypop. 🍭

If you could make out with ANYONE, who would it be and why?

I would snog Freddie Mercury in the hopes I could absorb some of his fabulous as a Gal can never have too much!!

Snogging in public… ‘Live your life’ Or ‘Get a room’?

GET A ROOM!!! I don’t need to see your tonsils dancing the conga on the Northern line. You’ll put me off my lunch and I love lunch.

‘Don’t kiss me when’…

… when I have a gin in my hand. I have priorities. 🍸

What’s your number one tip for kissing success?

Don’t take kissing too seriously and ALWAYS snog in the rain.

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