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Your Co-Vid Vocab Guide

Marketing Manager, Kirsty, takes us through the latest words, phrases and slang to come out of the Coronavirus pandemic.

So much has changed in the last couple of months; we’ve mastered working from home, we all know who Joe Exotic is and some of us have developed an anxiety around human contact that might never go away… don’t touch me! The Coronavirus has also spattered our everyday dialect with words we would never have anticipated using at the start of the year. Far from trivialising what is a very difficult situation, these slang words are helping us cope and communicate around something which is rather daunting.

How many of these have you heard?


Given how Coronavirus has dominated every conversation, it was inevitable that a shorter moniker would come along to save us valuable secs. First shortened to corona (unfortunate for a certain brand of beer) and then a further chop brought us rona. Some refer to it as  The Rona, while others choose to playfully personalise the word by calling it Miss Rona or Aunt Rona. Us ladies are familiar with such witticisms, as Aunt Flo pays regular visits – it’s a spin on the idea of having a relative come to stay when you really rather they didn’t. Insert eye-roll here.

As in… When is Aunt Rona leaving?!


Take a COVID-19 pandemic, add an idiot and covidiot is born. Coming from the frustration around people not observing health and safety guidelines, this slang is appearing across social channels in a big way. Symptoms of covidiocy include not washing your hands regularly, hanging out in groups, and panic buying toilet paper, pasta and now flour.

Another term for a covidiot is moronavirus. If you hear either of these being muttered while out buying essentials, you might want to check how close you’re standing to fellow shoppers.


Another handy appellation, this time for isolation. With seldom used words becoming part of everyday language, it’s been the perfect opportunity for those sticklers for speech to school anyone using words incorrectly. So, let me help…

Isolation is separating yourself from others due to showing symptoms of a contagious disease. Quarantine is when you’re isolating from others to prevent disease spread but without showing symptoms yourself. And a lockdown is a confinement of movement or activity as a security measure.

Either way, we’re staying home…


You’ve heard of photo bombing; well this term describes unwanted or unexpected visitors appearing in your video group chat. What will mainly be family members or housemates harmlessly chiming in, zoom-bombing can be a bit more strangely disruptive if your virtual room isn’t set to private. Check your settings and change your passwords to keep those wayward cyber strangers out of your school mums book club!


Also known as doomsurfing; even if you’ve not heard of this one, you’ve probably done it. Doom-scrolling is getting stuck on your phone, laptop or tablet looking through the latest rona updates. And it’s not hard to find yourself here due to a constant stream of fresh pandemic stories. While some news updates are important, keeping it measured is vital – you don’t need to know about the outbreak in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (yes, that is a real place).

For a bit of relief from the doom, type ‘dog boops’ into Youtube and take a trip down that rabbit hole instead.


I take mine dirty with a twist of lemon peel, thanks. Yes, this the popularisation on social media of the classic Martini cocktail for those of us indulging in a tipple during quarantine. If gin or vodka is not quite your thing, you might want to try a coronarita – The margaritas answer to a quarantini. Pre-pandemic quarantinis did exist and included the addition of a vit-C supplement, not a bad idea. Some now use the term to describe any alcoholic beverage consumed during lockdown.


We may not be leaving our houses but that doesn’t mean grabbing a drink with friends is out of the question. The idea of a drinking session online isn’t exactly new, especially for those with friends and family that live further afield. But this is a way of socialising that is becoming more widely accepted during the lockdown. We’ll take any amount of happy on offer at the moment, thanks. For virtual drinking sessions you could also call them Pandemic Pints, Boudoir Bevs or instead of going out-out, you could stay in-in.


Netflix and Chill, a staple of the online dating scene and cheeky bingo call at Dabbers for number 69. Social distancing may mean no Netflix and chillin’ for us single folk, however for those lucky enough to be shacked up with their baes, snuggling makes for a fantastic pastime.


And what does all that snuggling lead to…? Babies being conceived while people are cooped up at home during the coronavirus have been dubbed coronababies. And when these babies get older, they will become the quaranteens.The hypothetical new generation of children conceived during COVID-19 has cleverly been crowned the coronials –  a corona, millennial word mash.


Not everyone is in the mood for making coronababies. All this time at home means learning a lot about yourself and your significant other. Some are igniting the flames while others are putting them out, leading to a covidivorce. No judgement – life is a journey not a destination and some things must come to an end.

Some relationships may be coming to an end online, face-to-face discussion are still need for closure. In these cases, you’d call it zumping; being dumped via zoom.


Originally used in reference to slow the spread of rona cases to ease the pressure on our wonderful NHS staff; ‘flatten’ the curve has now been adopt to those struggling to stay away from the kitchen during lockdown. Spending so much time at home is bound to lead to a snaccident or twenty, I’m speaking from experience now. If you’re concerned about flattening your curves, check out our friends at Disco Yoga, they’ll help get you movin’ whilst groovin’.


Is it really a va-cay if you’re not allowed to go out? Some people choose to believe so. You could use this word if your you’re not working from home or on bank holidays to help differentiate your time off. And for those that can, get out the paddling pool and dip a toe.  Maybe even send a postcard? Now is the perfect time to share some ‘wish you were here’s. If think your cool friends won’t appreciate a coronation postcard, there are plenty of people who love some (safe) contact with a stranger. Look up your local nursing home and send them a note.

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